In preparation for the ALIFE tutorials on LANGTONS ANT, please visit the LACA Gallery , this is best viewed with a VR headset.

LCEE is an online "Langtons Ant" computation engine, the "TEAMS" tutorial ( Mon 18th July 10:00 am ) will show you how it works while at the same time discovering some fascinating features of "Langtons Ant" on a bounded lattice,

If there is enough time we will also discuss the "Langtons Ant Wave Equation", Please join my Linkedin GROUP , where you can ask questions and view previous posts.

Althouth the LCEE tutorials are based on GNU Octave and the Linux command line, please feel free to use your own environment, eg Python on an Apple MAC and lets see if we can get things to work for you.    Tutorial LINKS     1,     2,     3


Dr Mark Agate, The reciprocals of integers mapped to the ant lattice. website

simple web interface for lcee here

m-file matrix form of LAWE

Simple GNU Octave m-file

Langtons Ant video

m-file for Conways game of life on the langtons ant lattice CGOL google( conways game of life equation )

m-file for Wolframs RULE30 ECA

LCEE Tutorial video

Langtons ant 1st and 2nd order statistics video

Occupancy video

Octave online here