LCEE Revision numbers.

Command line parameters
Server is running ver 0.0.3, This version ( 0.0.5 )is available for download.
switch_parameter Response
-h The main help page.
-v Software version number and build info.
-a Audit trail, embed final report structure into lattice longfilename.btx files
-i filename [not available]
-o filename Specify the output filename.
-d number Specify the initial direction [0,1,2,3 = N,E,S,W], default = 0
-f number Set the frame rate [ 0001 - ffff = 1 to 65535 frames], default = 1
-g number Set the graph rate [ 00000001 - ffffffff = 1 to 2^32 sub itterations], default = 1
-t Initiate theta dump, graph rate set to default 10000, frame rate limited to 256
-l number Change lattice size [ 2 - ff = 2 to 255 ] with 256 default
-xy number Specify the starting x,y co-ordinate [(0000) - (ffff) = (yyxx)], default = (0,0)
-mf filename [not available]
-s3 Tri state langtons ant.
-s4 Quad state langtons ant. (default)
-j? Justify ECA triangle. ?=r,c,l Right, Center and Left, default=right
-zs number Set the gain of the differential spectra data [00 to ff] uint8
-zl number Set the lattice zoom factor [0 to 9]
-tb Specify binary type data.
-to Specify occupancy type data.
-qx Specify a quick exit from GUI, dont wait for key press on exit
-cm Colour map. [ 00 - ff ] default is heatmap 02
-gui Initiate the GUI for realtime graphics
-eca Elementary Cellular automata mode (default is langtons ant
-gol Conways Game of Life mode.
-zxy number Zoom position within the lattice (focus point), ECA 0000 to ffff or LACA yyxx
-vxy number Desktop window offset adjust [ 0000 to ffff ]
-obj Output OBJ 3d files of the lattice