Windows users

All the m files on this site run native under debian, if your unfortunate and have to use windows, I have found the application 'wget' for windows works well, (You can download the 64 bit binary wget.exe file that I used ) but you must ensure you modify all the m files so that "double quotes" and 'single quotes' are in the correct format, otherwise wget won't work !!To get you started you need to install gnu octave for windows. make sure the gnu octave working directory has the windows wget.exe binary, you can test this by typing 'dir' into the octave consol. If all is well you can follow the tutorials and produce this screen.

windows wget.exe and gnu octave for windows along with the modified mfile scripts producing the same plots

you can download two windows mfile scripts here www-bar.m and www-theta.m
By understanding the syntax of the wget system calls you can modify all of the tutorial m-files.